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Are Family Protection Dogs Safe for Your Kids?

family protection dogs for sale

Are you looking for a family dog to introduce to your kids?

Getting a pet is a huge milestone for many families, especially those with kids. It can be nerve-wracking to find a pet that your family will love and vice versa. Dogs are a great choice as they’re playful, affectionate, and often sociable.

If you’re planning to get a dog, consider taking it up a notch by looking at family protection dogs for sale. Aside from being loveable companions, dogs are incredibly loyal. A dog trained to protect and guard can be the perfect fit.

Protection dogs are far from the aggressive canines many people make them out to be. Read on to learn more about having a protection dog.

What Are Protection Dogs?

It is in a dog’s nature to alert its master of intruders or strangers coming near their home. However, a protection dog can do more than bark.

Family Protection Dogs have 15 years of professional experience in training police and guard dogs. Trainers teach the puppies early on to socialize to make them comfortable in any environment. It makes it safe for your kids and family to interact with protection dogs.

Benefits of Having a Protection Dog

Not sure if trained guard dogs for sale is the right choice for your family? Continue reading to discover the benefits when getting a family protection dog.

1. Received Professional Training

Protection dogs receive years of training to protect their owners and their families. Training often starts when the puppy is eight weeks old and takes years to finish.

Protection dogs start with basic obedience training and move on to advanced lessons. It allows them to read and understand human actions. Family protection dogs know what they can and cannot do in a home setting.

The years of training make a guard dog remain vigilant. Even if you’re out on an afternoon stroll, you can rest assured your dog has your back.

2. Good Protection Alternative

Did you know that a burglary occurs every 25.7 seconds based on FBI Crime Data? With this, many people invest in security, such as installing an alarm system or buying a gun. However, they cannot always guarantee safety.

Some home alarm systems fail to operate because of a dead battery. It can catch bugs that can trigger the alarm out of the blue, too. A malfunctioning alarm system cannot ensure burglary prevention.

Depending on where you live, you must have a license and should receive training before getting a gun. Moreover, there are existing laws prohibiting firearms in specific places. With this, you cannot always protect yourself.

A protection dog makes a good protection alternative. It can scare intruders away and prevent intrusion. Moreover, the masters are a family protection dog’s first priority.

3. Give You Peace of Mind

A protection dog in your home can give peace of mind because of increased safety assurance. They can keep calm in times of danger, assess the situation, and defend you without commands. Protection dogs train to protect their owners, unlike police dogs that attack criminals.

A well-trained protection dog can follow commands and adapt to a home setting. You can ensure the safety of your kids even when you’re out doing errands.

4. Excellent Companions

A protection dog is a good protection alternative because you can bring it anywhere. There are plenty of public places that allow dogs to enter with their owner.

You can ensure your canine can adapt to different environments with Family Protection Dogs. They trained pets to live in a home setting, too. Thus, expect a protection dog to act as a family pet that brings affection and loyalty.

The years of training allow you to bring a protection dog when running errands or going on vacations.

5. Good for the Kids

Protection dogs make good family pets because of their loyalty and companionship support. They can provide lessons in a child’s life, apart from protecting them. Kids can develop a sense of responsibility, compassion, and happiness.

Factors to Consider When Getting a Protection Dog

While you can rest assured that protection dogs for sale are of quality, they may not always be compatible with your family. This means you can’t pick the first dog you see. Read on to know the factors to consider when choosing your protection dog.

1. Breed

Some dog breeds provide better protection and companionship than others. It’s vital to choose breeds known for their obedience, responsiveness, and intelligence. You can include loyalty and affection for a great relationship with your family.

Protection dogs must have a strong physical presence to act fast in threatening situations. However, should also be able to integrate themselves into a family setting. The ideal family protection dogs are German Shepherd, and Belgian Malinois.

They share common traits, such as loyalty to owners and aggression towards strangers. You must train your protection dog to identify who it needs to protect and go after.

2. Training

Protection dogs are popular because of their intelligence and adaptability. They train to provide security and companionship at the same time. With this, it’s normal to have high expectations for their performance.

A professional trainer ensures to establish skills, alertness, and socialization with the canine. It makes protection dogs alert and defend their family from danger.

3. Temperament

The temperament or personality of a dog determines if it’s a suitable protector. A protection dog must be attentive and responsive to commands from anyone in the family.

Some factors affecting the temperament of a dog are training, breed, and pedigree. Family Protection Dogs offer suitable breeds with different protection levels.

Is It Good to Get Family Protection Dogs for Sale?

If you’re looking to get a family pet, consider getting a family protection dog! Get a companion and a guardian in one for your kids by looking at family protection dogs for sale now.

Are you ready to introduce your next member of the family? At Family Protection Dogs, we offer only the best dogs with the best protection training. Contact us today to find your perfect canine match!


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