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Family Protection Dogs for Sale: What Breeds Are Best?

family protection dogs for sale

In the US, a break-in happens every 26 seconds, which equals 2.5 million yearly. You might think these numbers only apply to neighborhoods unlike yours, but you’d be surprised at just unsafe a “secure” neighborhood is.

If you want to upgrade your home’s security and also gain a furry companion, then a guard dog can be an excellent idea. These canines can give you peace of mind while helping you combat loneliness.

Are you now thinking about checking out family protection dogs for sale? Then you need to whittle down your options first.

Read on to find out which dog breeds are best for guarding your family.

German Shepherd

If you take a close look at police K9 units, then you’ll notice that most use German shepherds; there’s a reason for that.

German shepherds are large and muscular, but they can be gentle when needed as well. This dog breed is fearless, so they’re perfect for guarding people against threats. They’re also loyal and confident.

German shepherds learn commands easily, so they’re not very hard to train. They come from a line of German herding dogs, so they have an instinct to obey and protect.

These dogs live between 7 to 10 years, and they grow up to 26 inches high and weigh 70 to 90 pounds (on average). They’re affectionate and are good with children, so German shepherds are good for families. However, they may or may not get along with other dogs, so take this into consideration if you’ve already got a canine companion.


Rottweilers are known for being a fierce dog breed, so they’re often used as guard dogs too. If these intelligent dogs are properly trained, then it’ll pay off for your household’s protection.

These dogs are confident, so teaching them commands won’t be difficult. They can be suspicious of strangers though, so make sure you socialize them early on. Otherwise, you might face social and confidence issues in the future.

This dog breed descends from Roman mastiffs, which were used in the Romans’ conquests. This means you can count on these canines to be tough and durable. They were also used for herding later on, so Rottweilers have this natural instinct.

Rottweilers live up to 10 years, and they grow up to 27 inches high and weigh between 100 to 135 pounds (on average). This is also an affection dog breed that’s somewhat good with children and other dogs.

Great Dane

Great Danes are known as gentle giants, but don’t let that fool you. They can make an intruder think twice about breaking into your home.

Great Danes are very alert, so they’ll let you know as soon as something feels off. They’ll scare off anyone with their powerful barks. In the past, they were used as hunting dogs and protectors of homes, so they’re used to this type of work.

This dog lives between 7 to 10 years. Dogs can grow up to 32 inches high and weigh between 140 and 175 pounds (on average). Great Danes are very affectionate with people, but they’re so-so with children (they’re very patient though) and other dogs.

Do note that Great Danes may not be the best at actively protecting you and your home. However, their sheer size and presence can easily scare off criminals, so they’re a great deterrent.


If you’re looking for another dog breed that’s a good deterrent rather than a protector, then try the boxer.

The boxer is a breed that’s loyal and affectionate, as well as playful. They’re also very courageous and hardworking, so they’ll be eager to please you.

Boxers are descended from Assyrian war dogs back in 2,500 BC. In medieval Germany, the boxer’s predecessor Bullenbeisser was used for big-game hunting. Then, the modern boxer was used for protection and herding.

Boxers can live between 10 to 12 years, and they grow up to 25 inches high and weigh between 65 and 80 pounds (on average). They’re good for families and are especially good with young children. Boxers can also tolerate living with other dogs in some situations.

Doberman Pinscher

This is another dog breed that’s very intelligent, so you’ll have peace of mind when a Doberman pinscher is protecting your house. Like the German shepherd, this dog breed is courageous and fearless, so you can rely on them to react quickly if there’s an intruder.

These muscular dogs were first bred to help a German municipality collect taxes, so they’re used to being an imposing presence. 

However, these canines aren’t solely to be feared. They’re actually very affectionate with families and are extremely good with young children, so they’re excellent for families. Dobermans can also get along with other dogs if needed, but it won’t always be possible, depending on their personalities.

These are very athletic pets though, which means they need to be regularly exercised. Otherwise, they’ll feel cooped up and their mental health can suffer.

Doberman pinschers can live between 10 to 12 years, and they grow up to 28 inches high and weigh between 90 to 100 pounds (on average). 

Check Out Our Family Protection Dogs for Sale

Now you know what the best dog breeds are if you want a protection dog. There’s no one correct answer, but rather, there are several great choices that are well-suited for a household full of people.

If you’re ready to pick a canine, then take a look at our family protection dogs for sale. They’ve been personally selected by retired police K9 handler and master trainer Josh Kirby, which means that no matter which dog you select from Family Protection Dogs, you’re sure to be happy with your new family member.

If you have any questions about our elite protection dogs, then get in touch with us. We’ll be happy to address any concerns you might have.


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