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Should You Buy a Protection Dog? 7 Benefits of Owning One

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Did you know that protection dogs go through rigorous training before coming home to a family? In other words, you don’t have to do the work.

Having a trained protection dog can add a new level to your security. There are plenty of benefits of protection dogs, which is why they have become so popular in the last few decades.

There are naturally protective dog breeds to choose from when buying a dog, but it is not the same as buying a trained protection dog. And you can’t just buy trained guard dogs for sale from anywhere.

If you want to buy a protection dog, keep reading to learn more about them!

1. Loyalty

Even though protection dogs for sale are trained by professionals, they are still loyal to their future owners. Though dogs are widely known for being loyal pets, it is a bit different when it comes to a family protection dog.

A family protection dog for sale will not accept treats from anyone else but their potential owners. They will only listen to the commands of their owner and will not be soothed by other people.

And when it comes to home invaders, your guard dog will not listen or obey the intruder.

2. Extensive Training

Did you know that some dog breeds can beat a cheetah in a race? Though cheetahs run fastest at 70 mph, they can only last about 30 seconds before slowing down. But greyhounds, on the other hand, can run 35 mph for up to seven miles.

Though greyhounds aren’t one of the popular protective dog breeds, there are plenty of German Shepherd protection dogs for sale.

The hardest part about bringing home a dog is training them. Whether it’s to use the bathroom outside or not to rip up the couch, it takes a while before your dog learns the rules of the house.

But guard dogs for sale have already gone through this essential training. They keep you safe from harm while already knowing the rules of your household.

And if you find that there is a rule they don’t know about, they’ll quickly obey your instruction.

3. Courage and Protection

It’s obvious that when you buy a protection dog, they’ll protect you from harm. But if you think about the courage it takes to not be scared by a gunshot or a loud crash; you’ll see that family protection dogs for sale are brave companions.

When you bring your family protection dog home, they’ll act as a sentry and provide 24/7 surveillance of your home. Though you may rely on security cameras to do the work, it is unmatchable to what security dogs for sale can do.

4. Companion in Any Place

One of the best parts about having a dog is that you can bring them almost anywhere you go. This doesn’t stop when you buy a protection dog.

Personal protection dogs for sale can join you on hikes or in public spaces. As long as the places are dog-friendly, then you can bring your dog along for the trip.

Instead of holstering or carrying a weapon with you, bringing your guard dog is a great way to feel comfortable while hanging out with your best friend.

5. Catching the Criminal

Not only will trained protection dogs for sale stop criminals from stealing and harming your family, but they will also incapacitate them until the police arrive. Once the person is down, the dog will continue to oversee them to make sure nothing else occurs.

If this happens, word will spread quickly that you have a trained protection dog. Though having a family pet is common, it’s rare to see a guard dog. Any other criminals who were looking to target your home will change their minds.

6. Beware of Dog

As mentioned before, word will spread that you have a guard dog. Having a dog, especially a large breed, discourages crime. Here are a few of the most popular guard dog breeds:

  • German Shepherd
  • Belgian Malinois
  • Doberman

If you’re interested in a German Shepherd guard dog for sale that is great with children and other dogs, then check out Petra. Otherwise, there are plenty of Belgian Malinois protection dogs for sale that are great family pets.

But if you’re not interested in protective dog breeds that are known for being family pets, you can research Doberman protection dogs for sale. Though Dobermans are great with kids, they may bond with only one person. They’re intelligent and athletic, which are the qualities you need in a guard dog.

7. Smart Dog Breeds

Protection dogs are trained to first bark and growl at an intruder to distract them. If they continue to persist, that’s when they attack.

Studies show that dogs have the intelligence level of a two-year-old, so it’s important that you choose a smart dog breed.

A Doberman guard dog for sale will provide energy and courage, as well as an extra level of intelligence because of its breed. But a protection German Shepherd for sale may add an extra level of protection because of its breed.

It all depends on your personal preference, but any trained protection dog will give you the benefit of protection and the loyalty of a loving pet.

Buy a Protection Dog

When you want to buy a protection dog, it’s important to do your research on the trainers beforehand. Though protection dogs all offer plenty of benefits, they’re not all the same.

Places like Family Protection Dogs have trainers with plenty of experience. Some have even trained K-9 Law Enforcement Units.

If you’re interested in buying a protection dog, contact us for more information!


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