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Trained Protection Dogs for Sale: Family Benefits to Choosing This Pet

trained protection dogs for sale

Did you know that over 38% of households own a dog? If you’ve been toying with the idea of adding a furry friend to your family, you can’t go wrong doing it. And if you’re considering a dog, you may want to go with a trained protection dog.

Not only will you gain a loyal companion, but you’ll also help keep your family safe with the right canine companion. Read on to learn about trained protection dogs for sale and why your family should choose one!

Feel Safer with a Guard Dog

Do you like to go for long walks or jog on trails? Or do you live in a remote area without a lot of neighbors nearby? If any of these scenarios describes your living situation, you might feel better with a trained dog at your side.

When you venture out alone, you’re more vulnerable to predators. But the size and muscular body of a guard dog at your side can be the first line of defense.

A guard dog can act as a visual deterrent. If someone sees you walking with a Bullmastiff or Akita, they probably won’t try to attack you. And if you’ve socialized your dog well, your dog will know if someone approaching is not a friend or family member. 

Dogs are equipped with an excellent sense of smell. This ability allows them to know if they’re encountering someone friendly or someone with bad intentions. They even can smell someone on the other side of a door and know if they mean to harm you. 

For these reasons, a guard dog is the right choice for peace of mind. If you’re elderly or have limited mobility, a guard dog can provide a sense of reassurance when you’re feeling more vulnerable. Further, a dog that has been properly socialized with your family will do whatever it takes to protect the youngest members of your family. 

Get Protection When You Need It

Imagine that you’re trapped in the middle of a home invasion. Even if you have a security system and live in a safe area, sometimes the worst-case scenario can happen. Despite your best efforts, you might not have the resources to fend off an intruder.

That’s where having dogs for protection can be a life-saving choice. A good guard dog can keep intruders away from you during a home invasion. They’ll buy you time to contact the police and await their arrival. 

The intense bark of a guard dog also can act as an alarm. When your guard dog notices that a situation isn’t right, they’ll announce it through their constant loud barks. And nothing generates interest like the sound of a barking dog.

Not only will a trained dog bark at the slightest detection of a threat, but they’ll also bite. You can trust that an Airedale Terrier, for instance, will start barking right away and bite, if necessary, to protect its owner. 

Owning a guard dog offers protection without the need for a firearm in the house, as well. For households with children, this can be a deciding factor and make a dog the best line of defense.

Find an Intelligent and Active Companion

A trained dog has been trained for a reason. Guard dogs are earmarked for their intelligence and they’ll be able to learn commands — and respond to them. Keep in mind that guard dogs tend to be assertive, so you’ll need them to know who’s boss.

Be prepared to get plenty of exercise if you own a trained dog, too. They’ll expect it! Aim to provide at least a half hour of exercise, though you probably will need to go higher.

Failing to provide enough exercise can leave an active dog feeling bored. Avoid chaining them up or leaving a guard dog alone for too long. And use caution if you are among other dogs since not all guard dogs will get along with fellow canines. 

Try going for brisk walks, runs, or even swims. Additionally, you can go to a safe area and throw toys for your dog to retrieve. They’ll burn off some energy so they can remain fit and agile. 

Gain a Loyal Pet

Finally, a trained dog can be a loving and loyal pet. While it’s easy to assume that common guard dog breeds, like German Shepherds or Dobermans, are aggressive, that’s not entirely true. A good guard dog can form a strong bond with the people it protects.

A trained protection dog will be playful and trainable at home. Just be aware that they might not always warm up to strangers. You’ll want to make introductions slowly and carefully so your dog can know who’s in your inner circle. 

Ideally, you should try to train a guard dog early in its life. That way, your dog will know family members and know who to trust. Some breeds, like the Giant Schnauzer, may require more attention, so know that you will need to commit the time.

A well-trained dog will be devoted to you. And with the right training, they’ll know when it’s time to sit and snuggle or stay alert to threats. You’ll be able to feed off of their energy and spirited nature as you move through the day!

Look into Trained Protection Dogs for Sale

When you find trained protection dogs for sale, it’s worth making the investment. You’ll get a loyal dog who can fight off intruders and make you feel safer when you’re out alone. And a trained dog will be a responsive, intelligent, and active addition to your family. 

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