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Proudly Headquartered in DFW Area, TX

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Where To Find Trained Protection Dogs for Sale

Trained Protection Dogs for Sale

In June of 2022, a yellow Labrador named Ella risked her life to protect her people. A Utah family was spending time in their backyard when Ella began acting strangely. Ella started using her body to push the children away, and the family retreated indoors. 

Moments later, Ella attacked a mountain lion and drove it away from her family’s home. 

While you and your family might not encounter a mountain lion, trained protection dogs are becoming increasingly popular for family security. However, choosing trained protection dogs for sale requires some homework. 

Keep reading if you’re looking for a family protection dog for sale. We’ll help you learn about reputable breeders, how we train our protection dogs, and which breed is right for you. 

A Brief History of Protection Dogs 

Since dogs were domesticated, people have trusted them for protection. Dogs protected livestock, walked alongside their owners into battle, and they guarded homes and property. The lives of humans might look very different today if we didn’t have our dogs to rely on. 

One of the best examples of protection dogs is the canines used by law enforcement. While dogs were specifically used to guard shipping ports against thieves as early as the 1400s, dogs began working with police officers in the early 20th century. Today, law enforcement relies heavily on trained protection dogs to help apprehend criminals and to protect their human handlers. 

Who Needs a Protection Dog?

When the subject of trained personal protection dogs for sale comes up, the thought precedes the question, who needs one? The answer may be more surprising than you think. 

Celebrities and Other High Profile People

People in the public eye don’t only have to worry about the paparazzi. Heads of state, celebrities, and others often deal with overenthusiastic fans, stalkers, and others who wish them harm. In recent years celebs like Vince Vaughan and others have welcomed protection dogs into their homes. 

Dignitaries and Heads of State

While most people in high-level government positions have a human security detail, they also rely on guard dogs to supplement that security. These dogs are a vital addition to the security team. Since many personal protection dogs are trained to subdue or corner a threat, they help keep dangerous situations from worsening. 

Families Like Yours

With kidnappings on the rise in many cities in the United States, parents are eager to add extra layers of protection to their lives. Alarm systems can only do so much, and the time it takes the police to arrive at the scene can be time wasted. Having a protection dog in the home can provide security at the time it’s needed most. 

How to Find Trained Protection Dogs for Sale

Protection dogs are carefully bred and trained with one goal in mind: protecting their target. Most dogs are protective to a certain degree. Still, with the proper breeding and training, protection dogs learn to identify threats and eliminate those threats on command without becoming distracted. 

You’ll want to work with a reputable breeder and trainer so keep reading to learn more. 

Visit the Kennel

Any reputable dog breeder welcomes potential clients to their kennels. In fact, many breeders require a kennel visit as this allows them to learn more about your family’s needs and what type of protection dog is right for you. A kennel visit will also enable you to observe the kennel conditions, meet the dogs and perhaps watch a training session in action. 

Ask Breeders for References From Their Vets and Past Clients

Security dog breeders and trainers rely on their reputations. Inexperienced trainers and backyard breeders harm the industry as a whole. When looking for trained protection dogs for sale, it’s vital that you ask for references. Ethical breeders and trainers will happily provide this information. 

Learn Which Protection Dog Breed is Right for You 

Some protection dog breeders specialize in one breed. Others may work with several different breeds. Like people, each dog breed has its own unique characteristics, and these can also vary from dog to dog within the breed. 

Some of the most popular breeds of protection dogs are Belgian Malinois, German shepherds, Rottweilers, Giant Schnauzers and Dobermans. These dogs are strong, agile, intelligent, and highly responsive to training. They are also loyal family dogs.

Observe or Participate in Training

Once the experts at Family Protection Dogs have helped you determine which dog is right for you, it’s important to learn more about the training methods. Training a family protection dog is a rigorous process. By observing, you’ll learn more about the specific commands that enable trained protection dogs to do their jobs. 

Request a Home Visit

Once you’ve selected your dog, a home visit is a good next step. This allows the breeder to ensure your fences are secure and that the dog has a comfortable space to live, work, and play. A home visit also gives the trainer a chance to see how the dog reacts in a new space. 

You will benefit from a home visit too. Dogs are curious about new places and people. When your protection dog has a chance to thoroughly investigate the new smells and activity in your home and meet your family, they’ll feel more comfortable and ready to do their job. 

Find Your Trained Protection Dogs for Sale Today

At Family Protection Dogs, we’re committed to providing the healthiest and best-trained protection dogs to those who need them. Our expert trainers will walk you through the process, ensuring that you have the right dog for your family’s security needs. 

Contact one of our professionals to learn more about our trained protection dogs for sale and ask any questions you might have. Our dedicated staff is committed to providing excellent dogs for family security situations. Your faithful protector and companion is waiting to meet you. 


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