Proudly Headquartered in DFW Area, TX

Phone (469) 256-1040

Proudly Headquartered in DFW Area, TX

Phone (469) 256-1040

We deliver the world’s most elite protection dogs to customers all over the globe!


Our personal relationships with breeders in Europe allow us access to the same dogs that serve police K9 units. Retired police K9 handler and master trainer Josh Kirby hand selects dogs that are family friendly, loyal, and natural protectors.

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At Family Protection Dogs, we have qualified guard dogs for sale that not only offer unmatched K9 security but also loving companionship. Our protection dogs are well-trained and ready to defend you from any threats.

They’re fast to identify and react to a threat, giving your family the highest level of protection possible. Our dogs are handpicked for temperament, obedience, and trainability to ensure you and your loved ones’ safety. We understand that each family has different security needs. This is why we work closely with you to match you with a customized guard dog that suits your environment and needs.

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  • Accustomed to Living in a Home Setting
    • Protective dogs do more than protect your family from possible threats. They are also your pet. To ensure your protection dog is safe around you and your loved ones, we check their temperament to see whether they’re fit to stay in your home. Our guard dogs are house-trained so you don’t have to worry about them harming your loved ones or destroying your property.
  • Off-Leash Obedience
    • Protection dogs are trained to attack once they perceive an attack. They have exceptional off-leash obedience, making it easy for you to control them in public places, at home, or during emergencies.
  • Environmentally Tested
    • Whether you want to go for family camping trips or run errands, our trained guard dogs for sale are ready to accompany you throughout your life. They have passed environmental testing, meaning they know how to act in various scenarios.
  • Defense of Vehicle
    • In case you’re assaulted near or in your car, our family protection dogs can keep you safe from these cases and any carjacking scenarios.
  • Trained for Home Invasions
    • Dealing with a home invasion is every family’s worst nightmare. Our trained guard dogs can be the first responder if you are a victim of this horrific crime. They have undergone home invasion practice sessions so you can rest assured they’re ready to act in case of an attack.
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  • Alert on Command
    • Once a protection dog notices a threat, they act out aggressively. If they aren’t well trained, it can be hard to control them when they are in this state. With our personal protection dogs, you don’t have to worry about such a situation. They have exceptional voice command controlled obedience. This means that you can have total control of your furry friend as soon as you give it the command to “Alert” upon the appearance of a threat.
  • Bite and Hold On Command
    • If your threat is too dangerous, you may need your dog to do more than bark. Our guard dogs for sale have gone through “bite and hold on command” training so that they can take their protection skill to the next level. Upon the verbal command, your dog can leave your side and run to engage the threat. Once your dog apprehends your threat, you can safely go and call the authorities.
  • Release on Command
    • You can choose to command our protection dogs to release as you wait for law enforcement. Due to their expert training, they will stay with the threat to keep them under control. If the threat makes a move, your dog will re-engage.
  • Pursue and Apprehend
    • Once law enforcement arrives, you can give a verbal command and your guard dog will return to your side.


Dogs have an unrivaled love for their owners, and they can do anything to keep you and your home safe. But you cannot just get any dog for protection since dogs trained as family pets often don’t make good protection dogs.

If you are looking to own one, we have professionally trained family protection dogs for sale. We offer the same dogs that serve police K9 units. Our retired police K9 handler and master trainer hand-selects dogs that are family-friendly and loyal to help you protect your family.

Here’s why you need to get one:

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    Remain Vigilant

    Unlike you, trained guard dogs are always on duty. Due to their upbringing and training, they will always be on the lookout for danger.

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    Give You Peace of Mind

    Protection dogs can assess danger and protect you even if you weren’t aware of the threat. What’s more, they’re more effective than a security guard, a home alarm system, or a firearm. Knowing this can give you extra peace of mind.

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    Apart from being elite protectors, guard dogs can make excellent pets. Like any other dog, they are playful and affectionate. You can cuddle them to create a more meaningful relationship with them.


Commands & Attributes Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Passed thorough health check including hip,
and elbow x-rays, and examination of teeth
Image Image Image
Alert on Command Image Image Image
Bite and hold on command Image Image Image
Release on Command Image Image Image
Purse and apprehend Image Image Image
Off leash obedience Image Image Image
Passed environmental testing Image Image Image
Acclimated to living in a home setting Image Image Image
Defense of vehicle (carjacking scenario) Image Image
Search of residence and apprehension for
intruder (burglary / home invation scenario)
Price $45,000 $55,000 $65,000



We love our dogs. Family Protection Dogs is built on more than 15 years of experience training military and police dogs. Led by our expert dog trainer—Josh Kirby—we teach all our protection dogs on sale to be loyal, 100% responsive to command, and suitable companions.

Our trainer has won several awards with his police dogs, both in competition and high-risk felony apprehensions. With his firsthand knowledge and experience, we can guarantee that you will get a suitable family protection dog.


Looking for a dog specialized in security that can also become a loving member of your family? Look no further than Family Protection Dogs. We have qualified and elite protection dogs for sale. Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction and peace of mind with your chosen canine protector. For any inquiries, feel free to contact us.


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