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FAQ | Protection Dog Sales & Training

What can I expect when dog obedience school is complete?2020-03-12T17:24:51+00:00

Upon completion of our doggy obedience school you can expect a completely reformed dog. But we promise it’s still your dog. We train you with everything your dog has learned. This is the key to maintaining all of their training.

How do I buy a dog from you if I’m not local?2019-05-20T19:05:00+00:00

We have three options for getting you with your perfect dog. We offer local pick up in South Florida We also deliver all around the US and help you get set and situated with your dog and a handler course. Lastly you can have your dog shipped to you. We have had great experiences with Delta Cargo. Most of our finished protection dogs, hand delivery and handler course in included in the price.

Why do we train and sell medium size family protection dogs over a large protection dog?2019-05-20T19:05:28+00:00

We typically sell medium dogs over large dogs because to begin with they live longer. The main reason why we sell medium dogs is because they easier to travel with. They fit in the back seat of the car, at your feet of the airplane, through stores etc. Most people that purchase family protection dogs take their dogs with them for daily errands.

Why buy a trained dog over a puppy and paying for training?2019-05-20T19:05:33+00:00

When you buy a finished Family Protection Dogs you know exactly what you are getting. People approach us all the time after purchasing a puppy to send the puppy to our program for protection training. We absolutely love training your puppies but not all imports, working lines or perfect paperwork you have on your puppy can make a protection dog.

Why do we not use aggression training?2019-05-20T19:05:40+00:00

Aggression training inflicts pain on the dog where the dog must quickly learn that in order to suppress the pain he must bite the target. The reason this method is not used at Family Protection Dogs with our family protection dogs is because whenever the dog feels any sort of pain throughout his life he will bite whatever caused him the pain just like he was trained to do as a younger dog. With that being said, if a kid trips on the dog, or you get out of bed and step on the dog, the dog would then bite you.

How do I know if a sport dog is being sold as a protection dog?2019-05-20T19:05:45+00:00

The easiest way to tell if a sport dog is being sold as a family protection dog is because they will list the titles the dog has in its description and the webpage of the seller. KNPB, Ring Sport, Schutzhund and IPO are just some of the many for sport dogs.

Why should I not buy a sport dog over a family protection dog?2019-05-20T19:05:50+00:00

The reason you shouldn’t buy a sport dog over a family protection dog is because sport dogs aren’t trained in real life situations. They are trained in a field in a marshmallow puffy suit. The guy breaking into your home will not be in a field or wearing a marshmallow suit. These dogs do the same drills everyday in order to perfect these same drills for a perfect score. These dogs have no interest in biting or going after a person or even understand the fundamentals of what a threat is.

What’s the difference between a family protection dog and a sport dog?2019-05-20T19:05:56+00:00

Our family protection dogs start training at a very young age. They are raised inside a home with kids, guests, other animals and brought up being socialized daily. Our family protection dogs are trained with two very important protection commands. One is a guard command and one is an attack command. A sport dog is taken out of a kennel and trained as a robot in a field to run the same drill every day.

What’s the difference between a family protection dog, a guard dog and a personal protection dog?2019-05-20T19:06:02+00:00

A family protection dog is a stable dog that is good with kids, strangers, guests and anyone else he encounters in a social environment. The dog must also know the difference between what threat and what isn’t a threat. A guard dog is a dog that is not socialized and placed in a house or environment to bark and detour anyone or anything that comes. A personal protection dog is a dog that’s good with one person. Typically not good with big families or kids. Also not good with guests coming in and out of your house.

Why do we only have a couple protection dogs available at a time?2019-05-20T19:06:07+00:00

Here at Family Protection Dogs we believe it is best to raise our dogs in our home with our family. There is no way to guarantee you get a family safe house trained dog by it being raised with 10 other dogs in a kennel. We like to focus and be hands on with our protection dogs up until their placement into their new home. To ensure these dogs get 100% of our attention, less is more.

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