Affordable Family Protection Dogs

What to consider when purchasing a family protection dog


Children go missing every year in the United States.


Home invasions occur every year in the United States.

Family Protection Dog Prices and Types of Family Protection Dogs

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What You Need to consider when it comes to price.

One of the first things to consider is the level of protection the dog will provide. There are a few different types of dogs that can offer different levels of protection.

  • A Family Protection Dog will be most effective in protecting one or two people. They are loyal and protective of their family and are excellent at guarding their home. They will bark and confront anyone who comes too close, and will be aggressive if necessary.

  • A Home Protection dog, on the other hand, is less likely to attack someone and is better suited for guarding a property. They will bark and make noise to deter intruders, but are not typically aggressive.

  • The other main consideration when it comes to price is the age and training of the dog. Younger dogs will generally be cheaper than older dogs, and dogs that have been professionally trained will be more expensive than those that have not.

When it comes to pricing, there is a huge range. A personal protection dog can cost anywhere from $9,000 to $145,000, while a home protection dog can cost from $5,000 to $35,000.

Overall, there is a wide variety of family protection dogs available and their prices vary accordingly. It is important to consider what level of protection is needed, as well as the budget, when selecting a dog.

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Protection Dog Characteristics

First and foremost, the dog’s temperament is key. He must be confident, courageous, and have a high threshold for pain. He must also be intelligent and have a good working memory, as he will be required to remember and respond to a variety of commands.

The dog’s pedigree is also important. He must be bred from a line of dogs that have a history of excelling in protection work. While any dog can be trained to be a protection dog, it is much easier to start with a dog that has been bred for this purpose.

The quality of the training is also critical. The dog must be properly trained by a professional dog trainer who has experience in protection work. This training must be ongoing, as the demands of the executive protection job can be quite challenging.

Top Price Factors for Executive Family Protection Dogs

When it comes to protection dogs, most people think of breeds like German Shepherds and Rottweilers. But Executive Protection Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. From the small and agile Belgian Malinois, to the larger and tougher Bullmastiff, any breed can be a successful executive protection dog.

But what sets apart the successful Executive Level Protection Dogs from the also-rans? There are a number of price factors that can make or break a dog’s success as an executive protector.

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Protection Dog Assessment

Executive family protection dogs can provide a high level of security for a family, but their cost can vary depending on a number of factors. The size, breed, and age of the dog can all affect the price, as well as the training and certification of the dog.

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