Family Protection

Family protection dog for disabled person in wheelchair

Belgian Malinois Executive Level Protection Dog

Meet Bren, our Belgian Malinois born in May of 2021. Bren is easy going and perfect in every way. He is trained in three different languages. Perfect on and off leash. Great with other dogs and kids. He has already been on an airplane and loves to ride around in the car and participate in all your every day activities. Fun Fact: Bren knows center positioning where he will go in between your legs during a combat or protection situation and he is also very familiar with gun fire. Circle, spin and a couple of other fancy tricks. Bren also knows “orbit’ where he will circle around you. He is very smart, easily trainable, loving dog but don’t let all this fool you, Bren is a stone cold killer and one of the hardest biting dogs we have had come through here in a long time. He means serious business when it comes to protecting his family. Bren is an Executive Level Family Protection dog.

The Belgian Malinois is a breed of dog that is known for its high level of intelligence and its strength. This breed is often used as a working dog, and it is also known for its ability to protect its family. These dogs are loyal and protective, and they make great pets for families that are looking for a guard dog.

  • Price: $50,000

  • Breed: Belgian Malinois

  • Birthday: 5.14.21

  • Weight: 58lbs

  • Commands: Czech, German, and English

  • Type: Family Protection Dog, Companion Dog

Protection Dog Bren at His Best



We recently purchased an adult protection dog from them. A Belgian Malinois. I am a green handler of a dog of this caliber. Family Protection Dogs drove what had to be 12 hours one way to hand deliver the dog and spent half a day working with me and educating me on properly handling the dog. They have been great at answering my questions after the sale.

The best of the best!! We had our Malinois not even a month and we purchased a second dog from them! The quality of training is unlike any other. While they are your protectors these pups are the best family dogs ever. I sleep knowing that all is well! They are truly the dog whisperers!! Valiant dogs ready to protect but at the same time they are mans best friend!! Thank you Family Protection Dogs!! You’re the best!!


I purchased Snoop (German Shepherd) back in May 2017, and he’s been everything ( i was promised about) and then some. His obedience and protection is phenomenal. He is very social around family and children, but can be very protective when I need him to be. Keep up the great work guys, and thank you for all back up support you provided. Might need one more soon.


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